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“I dream that you can live a life filled with purpose and passion.”
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David Brühlmann, Author

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I‘m David. I write books, promote human welfare, make YouTube videos, and work in biotech. And I love it!

When I was young, I wanted to become a pilot. Growing up near the Zurich Airport in Switzerland, I wondered where the planes flying over our house would go. But eventually, I realized that my life would take a different path.

My left brain led me to study chemical engineering and do a PhD in biology. I loved developing innovative ideas in the biotech industry for many years.

And once again, I moved into a different season of life. I moved to Cambodia to help children and teenagers access high-quality education.

Along the way, I stumbled upon my dormant entrepreneurship talents. “Why not leverage my scientific skills in my own business?” I thought.

I love traveling and tasting delicious food wherever I go. I’m also a long-distance runner. In fact, I love running so much that I once ran a marathon. And in winter, I grab my snowboard and ride as much powder as I can in the Swiss Alps.

Oh, did I say that I love to write? That hasn’t always been the case. In school I was a poor writer. I was the one saying, “I will never write a book.” Much has changed since then. And my book, Single for a Season, helps single people live fulfilling lives.

Besides Switzerland and Cambodia, I‘ve lived in the USA, Canada, and Ecuador. And let me tell you, each country has its unique flavors waiting to be explored!

I learned to find meaning in every season of my life.

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