Reframing Your Career Success through a Christian Worldview with Kevin Anselmo

March 23, 2023
Reframing Your Career Success through a Christian Worldview with Kevin Anselmo

Are you feeling lost in your career? Do you find yourself caught up in the rat race of achieving success, but never quite feeling fulfilled?

In this interview with Kevin Anselmo, communications consultant and author of Reframing Career Success, we explore finding meaning in our work.

Reframing Your Career Success through a Christian Worldview with Kevin Anselmo

Adopt a Realistic View of Success

In today’s society, it’s easy to think that success equates to happiness is easy. However, Kevin’s Christian perspective on work challenges this notion. He believes that work is not meant to be easy all the time and that part of work entails painful toil due to the sin of mankind.

While this may seem like a negative perspective, understanding this fact is important because work will not always be the dream frequently discussed in the media. It’s important to have a realistic perspective on the challenges of work.

He had projects that failed. “Why didn't those initiatives work out?” He wondered. “I’m praying. I’m a good Christian guy. I’m a good family guy. Why isn’t God blessing me with the outcomes I seek?”

These questions set him on a quest to figure out what success looks like from a Christian perspective. “I wrote Reframing Career Success as a personal exploration for myself. But I know many people like me are ambitious. They’re hard-working, they want to achieve, they want to consider their faith as part of their work.”

”There are these messages that we hear that confuse us. And at times can question, I wouldn’t say question my faith, but I would question why God isn’t allowing me to have a particular result. And I would imagine I know many listeners out there could probably relate to that.

One of the defining characteristics of success is perspective. Kevin believes that if we don’t achieve our goals, it’s okay because that’s part of life.

Work is going to be difficult at times, but it’s important to have perspective and understand that there’s a season for everything. Kevin suggests that when we fail in a project, we should have perspective and focus on how God values us and how our work matters in God’s eyes.

Create Your Definition of Success

Kevin goes on to explain that success is highly personal and that everyone needs to answer the question of what success means to them.

He encourages people to come up with a definition of success that is clear and simple, with three to five bullet points. Kevin suggests that this definition be visible, such as on a screensaver, note on a phone, or a framed picture on a desk, to serve as an ongoing reminder.

Change Your Perspective

In addition to defining success for oneself, reframing career success is also about changing one’s perspective. Kevin believes that part of making our work meaningful is focusing on fulfilling God’s will and growing in our faith, rather than seeking money, prestige, reputation, or power.

He explains that success is not necessarily about reaching a particular pinnacle, as there will always be something more to achieve.

He suggests that we practice gratitude and appreciate what we have in the present moment.

Live with Integrity

During his speeches and training sessions, Kevin spends a considerable amount of time discussing the importance of living with integrity and not cutting corners in our work.

He believes that every action we take, no matter how small, has the power to impact our lives as well as the lives of those around us. By focusing on doing the right thing, we can create a positive environment that will spread to others.

Kevin also emphasizes the idea that everything happens for a reason and every moment has a purpose. He believes that by recognizing this, we can gain a deeper understanding of our place in the world and the role we play in the lives of those around us. This can help us to find meaning and purpose in even the most challenging moments of our lives.

Understand God’s Metric for Success

Another important point that Kevin discusses is the difference between God’s metric for success and the world’s. These two metrics are often different, and it is essential to understand the distinction between them.

By doing so, we can avoid falling into the trap of chasing after worldly success at the expense of our own values and principles.

Finally, Kevin encourages people to consider that our work legacies will be forgotten and to consider the positive aspects of this. We no longer have to work with the pressure to make a name for ourselves. Rather, we can work with eternal perspective, working for the Lord, not man.

Adopt a Biblical View of Success

If you’re feeling lost in your career, reframing career success is about changing your perspective and understanding that work will not always be easy. It’s about defining success for yourself and living with integrity. It’s about focusing on what is important and appreciating what you have in the present moment. By doing so, you can find meaning in your work and live a fulfilling life.

To achieve this, Kevin suggests we consider our faith and worldview as we think about our work.

He believes that work is an important part of God’s creation story and that we all have a small role in advancing knowledge and improving the world.

Find Meaning and Fulfillment in Your Work

In conclusion, reframing career success is about finding meaning and fulfillment in our work, and aligning our goals and values with our faith and worldview. It’s about understanding that success is highly personal and everyone needs to answer what success means.

By defining success for oneself, changing one’s perspective, living with integrity, considering one’s legacy, and being open to new possibilities, we can create a more meaningful and fulfilling career for ourselves.

So if you’re feeling lost in your career or struggling to find meaning in your work, take heart. With the right mindset and practical steps, you can reframe your idea of success and find a path that is aligned with your values and beliefs.

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