How to Find Your Life Purpose (With Mukti Masih)

October 24, 2022
How to Find Your Life Purpose With Mukti Masih

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mukti Masih, one of India’s top 10 content writers and author of Poems in a Chai Cup.

Perhaps you’re wondering how you can find your purpose.

We discuss some of the essential steps to finding your life purpose and offer great insights for anyone struggling to figure out what they’re meant to do with their lives.

How to Find Your Life Purpose With Mukti Masih

Mukti Masih discovered how to find her life purpose

Mukti discovered how to unlock meaning in any season of her life — as a writer, entrepreneur, in her walk with Christ, and as a seasoned single.

David: Welcome to My Meaning in Life, where we explore the strategies and tools that help you unlock meaning in every season of life.

Today’s guest is one of the top 10 Content Writers in India. She published a lovely book, Poems in a Chai Cup. Furthermore, she has written 200+ video scripts, 100+ websites, over 10,000 blog posts, and around 4,000 social media posts.

And if you like chai tea like me, you’ll be in good hands with our guest. She calls herself a chai-totaler.

It’s my pleasure to welcome Mukti Masih.

Hey Mukti, thank you so much for being on the show today.

How to find your life purpose

If you’re listening or watching today, you’re probably wondering how you can find your purpose too.

Mukti: It has taken me a lot of walking with God, counseling, talking to seniors, reading more Bible, and understanding God better to find a purpose even in my writing. You would think that once I was 17 and put it in God’s feed, everything was great, so I found a purpose, but not really. Even until my late 20s, I think I was still perplexed about my purpose in life. Okay, I’m doing what I wanted to do, but how do I use this for God’s glory? What is the goal? Why am I doing this? But I did not initially consider writing to be a way to find a purpose or serve God, for that matter. But as a believer, as a Christian believer, I knew that if I do anything in Christ’s name, He will bless me, and He will use it for His purpose and glory. It was only in my early 30s that I finally began to realize that whether or not I have discovered my purpose, God has been using me for various things.

So I translated for many foreign Christian folks who came to India to preach the gospel. I was translating for them. I was teaching them language. I was actively participating in the training of Bible studies and training the youth. Only in the early 30s did I realize, “Oh, God has been using me.” And whether or not I realized my purpose, I was being used, and I was more than happy to be used by that. And I spoke to a lot of wise women. I want to give all the credit for finding my purpose, too, of course, God, constant prayers, and the women around me. These fantastic mature women helped me understand and see that “Listen, these are your talents, and this is how God’s going to use you.” And it won’t be like one fine morning you wake up, and you’re like, “This is the purpose of my life.” This won’t happen. It may happen to some people, but for many, it’s like walking that path and realizing it along the way, “Okay, God chose me for this, and this is my purpose in life.”

Finding your purpose may be a challenge

David: I find myself really in your story because even today, I’m still struggling to know my purpose exactly. When I was much younger, I had no clue, and I just started doing things, and then it became clear to me that there were certain things I was passionate about. There were areas where I have, I’d say, a burden for them. It’s not a negative burden, but it’s as if God laid a passion or gave me this weight for this cause, and that’s how I discovered my purpose. But it’s a long process, and it took me a lot of iterations, a lot of prayers, and a lot of discussions with mentors, coaches, and friends. And I finally realized that purpose is also changing during my life, and it’s an evolving thing. Where I’m at today, I would have never imagined even ten years ago. It’s still evolving.

Finding your purpose is a process

Mukti: I think that’s when you probably feel that you’re growing in Christ also, because through more word, through more fellowship with Christ, you realize, “Oh, wait, He is showing me parts of me or parts of the world where I’d not tread over or I’d not discovered.” So that helps you evolve. And I love that because I feel like that’s how we’re growing. That’s how we’re understanding God better and being able to serve Him better, I think, so yeah.

David: What I also find now, as I’m older, it’s easier to find my purpose because it’s not only looking forward, it’s also looking back. It’s this image of a carpet, and you look underneath and don’t see many things. It’s just a couple of threads and things going back and forth. But when you flip it to the other side, you see, “Oh, it’s a beautiful picture.” And I see it much more like this. Even though my purpose has evolved and changed, I see the same motive inside and the same topics. They’re different sides to them, but it’s making a difference. It’s changing other people’s lives. This is also something that’s part of my purpose.

Mukti: Changing other people’s lives takes so much maturity. This maturity and this evolution are such a privilege that God sort of puts this purpose in our lives and hearts, and He constantly does that.

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